A new Begining

After an very long break, we are back at it again. We are glad people are coming to the forums for some help, I have to admit I haven’t been checking them a lot after the holidays (like maybe once a week eek!) I promise to check everyday now. As you know we are doing a new release in gnome now. Still no time stamp on that (expect one soon). We are implenting a few neat new ideas. Not to mention polishing Xpress Linux up a little. We really believe we will be able to push Xpress Linux even further with Gnome interface. It seems so much more customizable and expansive. We do however have some mock up shots for everyone courtesy of Mike,

As you can see clicking computer, up in the left hand corner you are presented with a menu that displays basic info about the computer and a few categorized applications.

Also we are working on a new applications menu that allows you to view thumbnail shots of items in certain groups.

Hope this holds everyone over, sorry about the slow posting period. But since we are back in full production expect a few posts a week.