Okay well we are growing insanely fast after we got on Distro watch roughly 24000 hits on the site already! We have 6000 downloads in about 6 days (about 1000 downloads a day!) okay enough statistics.
***NEWS***Well im getting a beta copy of the pre-release which has the improved menu system, the correct source lists, and fixed labeling issues. Expect screen shots soon.

Also Mike is going to give the site a new look soon, we feel it is getting too cluttered and we are moving to a new organized format (possibly a meebo widget also!).

BTW the Ads by google on the side are there to produce money to start a CD operation to start sending you guys out CD’s of Xpress Linux (free).

Keep coming to the site for info guys

as all ways send all the bugs and or just general email to either [email protected] or [email protected]