Post Beta

Download is right here
Well you folks are as loyal as it gets, in three days we have around 347 downloads! Okay now onto a newer topic, What About The Final Release?

Im so glad you asked, well we have a lot on our plate to finish in roughly 20 days, but so far we know we must, fix all the labeling issues, integrate Flash and Java out of the box, Documentation, main menu configure, and a repository. A lot of that is done already. Currently I am running it for Q&A and havent found too many issues, so its looks now that we will be releasing on December 30th. And if we are lucky maybe before Christmas.

On a second note we also have the full name for the release, Xpress Linux Black Advent. Also we have a small surprise for you all about the next release (sometime after Christmas) , we are making Xpress Linux in Gnome!

new menu

(Notice the refined menu, also Firefox is included!)
If you haven’t downloaded Xpress Linux yet I strongly urge you too. here